Master Gardener Monthly Meeting – Rose Rosette Disease

Master Gardener Monthly Meeting

Rose Rosette Disease

Those of you who grow roses may have heard of rose rosette disease, caused by the rose rosette virus. This disease causes serious deformities of plants and is transmitted from plant to plant by a tiny mite.  There is no known treatment for the virus and all types of roses appear to be susceptible. Scientists in Texas and across the US are currently focusing efforts to identify treatments and find the most resistant rootstock. 

Master Gardener Val Black will present a FREE program on the best methods to prevent, detect, and deal with rose rosette disease.

This program is presented by the Master Gardeners of the AgriLife Extension Office and will be held Monday, Aug 8, 2022 from 7-8 pm. Join us in person at 100 Wilco Way, room 226, Georgetown, or Online.

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